Is Carbon Steel Cookware Safe to Use? Pros and Cons Explained!

The simple answer to whether carbon steel cookware is safe or not is YES! It is absolutely safe as it does not has any toxin or teflon like chemical. Despite some major benefits associated with carbon steel cookware, there are also some drawbacks to be taken into account.

Before we proceed further with pros and cons of carbon steel cookware and draw a logical conclusion on why it is safe, let us get the basic understanding of what exactly is carbon steel.

What is Carbon Steel?

Carbon Steel is just an alloy of iron in which has up-to 1% to 1.6% of carbon added to it for attaining different characteristics.

As from cook prospective, carbon steel is best and widely used because of its good application in frying, grilling and searing. This is because carbon steel can resist higher temperatures without any damage to the cookware.

Pros and Cons of Carbon Steel

Now that we know what makes carbon steel, let’s have a look at some pros and cons of carbon steel cookware that would certainly help us in making a decision of buy them or not.


Heat Resistivity

Owing to its materialistic properties, the carbon steel cookware adapts very quickly to heat with even distribution, which in turn, aids better quality cooking.


Generally, carbon steel cookware are very light when compared to other alternatives. Because of that, one can easily turn it around during cooking to achieve better results.


May Corrode if not Seasoned

Yes, you read it right. Carbon steel cookware can get easily corroded if it is not seasoned or handled properly. However, the good news is that this negative aspect can be easily counteracted if you season the surface of cookware before use each time.

How to Clean a Carbon Steel Pan?

Here are few simple steps to properly clean carbon steel pan:

Step # 1: Soaking

Before start washing, first soak the dirty pan for several minutes in a warm water.

Step # 2: Cleaning and Washing

Clean the pan from remains of over-cooked food with the help of sponge or use nylon for best results as it easily wash away the sticky materials from pan.

Step # 3: Drying

At the last, dry the pan with a towel and then heat for few seconds to completely dry-out the surface. Later any vegetable oil is used to polish the surface of pan for its persistent feature.

Why Carbon Steel is Safe to Use?

In conclusion, yes as we have explained earlier and it is because these cookware does not contain any harmful material which is found in modern non-stick cookware.